Response to Request for Advice Regarding New State Laws

CCA Update-

The meeting at the town hall on Wednesday went really well. Turnout was high, and it seemed like the majority of attendees were comforted with the information they heard. That said, there is one issue we would like to address that we failed to discuss at the meeting.

After checking in with some attendees, we were told that there were some who were disappointed that we had not specifically addressed some of the issues brought about by the passage of the 266 package. These new state laws appear to contain certain requirements that cultivators will have to meet in order to continue to participate in the industry. We did not address any of these specific requirements at our meeting.

The reason that we did not address this issue is due to the fact that all of these new regulations are a work in progress. A great example of this, which we did go into at the meeting, is the fact that the new legislation contains language that says that each county must develop their own local policy before March 1 of 2016 or risk having their county’s policy default to whatever the state has in place. Though this language is in the new law, it has been openly acknowledged by the crafters that it was never intended to be in the bill, and that it will be removed the next time the bill is addressed in session.

There are many things in the new regulations which are going to be subject to modification. The reason CCA provided no specific direction in regards to what individual growers need to do in order to qualify for licensure is because we are not lawyers, and we do not want to place CCA at risk. For example, let’s say we were to tell people that they will get priority for licensure if they incorporate before January 1, which is stated in the present structure of the bill. Then let’s say that this language is removed from the bill. Somebody who raced out and spent $5,000 in order to push through an incorporation before the 1st of January may now have grounds to file suit against CCA, claiming that we told them they would be granted a license if they incorporated. CCA cannot incur this type of risk.

What we chose to do instead was to provide a handout that included links to all of the new legislation so that cultivators could read the text for themselves in order to make their decisions.

We regret that we did not explain all of this at the meeting.

There are several resources that cultivators can use in order to come to a decision best for them. The first is the handout from the meeting, with all of the new regulations linked for your perusal. The second is each other; a great many supporters of CCA have already incorporated and/or begun the paperwork that may be needed in order to stay in compliance. Check with other farmers and ask them what they have done. Finally, use the internet to find lawyers who are specializing in cannabis law, and pay for a consult.

Again, we apologize for the oversight of not being clearer about these issues at the meeting. We hope this new information is helpful to you-


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