State Regulations and Supervisor Contact Info

There are new regulations regarding cannabis cultivation that have been implemented by the Water Quality Control Board. Please keep in mind that these rules are a work in progress. You can view them at this link-

Water Quality Control Board

There are three separate bills that have been passed by the state assembly that are designed to regulate the medical cannabis industry. All three can be viewed at these links. Please keep in mind that these bills are all works in progress.




Here is the contact information for each member of our Board of Supervisors. Please consider emailing the supervisors and voicing your opinion about the importance of outdoor cannabis cultivation, both to yourself and to the community. IMPORTANT: your email should be written in a manner that assumes the supervisor(s) is on the right side of this issue and is interested in helping you. Your email should NOT take an adversarial tone, or one that assumes that the supervisor is opposed to cannabis. All communications need to be respectful, friendly and based on the presupposition that the supervisor is going to make the right decision. Any other approach hurts our cause.

Some suggestions about things that you might want to include in your email if they fit; how long you have resided here, what jobs you have held, where your kids have gone to school, community activities that you support or participate in, your charitable activities, the ways in which cannabis cultivation helps our economy and community.

Also, it is completely appropriate, and even desirable, to contact a supervisor who is outside of your district.

Board of Supervisors Contact Information

Cliff Edson Includes the communities Circle XX, San Andreas, Valley Springs, Campo Seco, La Contenta, Commanche, Burson and Wallace.

Chris Wright Includes the communities of Mokelumne Hill, Paloma, West Point, Wilseyville, Glencoe/Rail Road Flat, Sheep Ranch, Mountain Ranch, and Calaveritas.

Michael Oliviera Includes the communities of Douglas Flat, Murphys, Brice Station, Forest Meadows, Hathaway Pines, Avery, Arnold, White Pines, Dorrington, Camp Connell, Cottage Springs, Skyhigh, Tamarack, Sherman Acres and part of Vallecito.

Debbie Ponte Includes the communities of Angels Camp, Altaville, Salt Spring Valley and Copperopolis.

Steve Kearney Includes the communities of Milton, Jenny Lind and Rancho Calaveras.Start your post here...


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