"It should also be noted that the County Reserve Fund is currently sitting a hair below $2.5 million (according to the mid year budget report.) It is very rare that this fund increases during the budget year. It actually will go down during the year, and after all the department budgets are done and the revenue counted, there is the possibility of adding to this fund from any savings achieved during the year. The County is right now running around a $4 million deficit, due to lagging revenues versus fixed expenses. This is typical. However, if the year ends this way, the County will have to chop from somewhere to balance the budget (by law). Without Measure C revenue, services that are provided to the Community will be severely impacted."

Bill Petron


There will be no Measure C funds if there is a Ban on commercial cultivation


B is BAD NEWS for Calaveras County




The Ban Proponents have admitted to misleading statements





Economic impact

the cost of a ban

Lost Measure C Revenue
Measure C was voted in by the county voters in November 2016. Measure C is expected to raise $7 - 11 million dollars in its first year. This revenue will be lost in the case of a ban.

There are no other industries in Calaveras County that can impact tax revenue like this.

Repayment of Application fees
$3.7 million dollars of application fees will have to be reimbursed from the county to the applicants if a Ban is enacted.

An Economic Impact Report by the University of the Pacific states "If we take Calaveras’ agriculture industry’s sales value over the five-year period from 2011 to 2015 and adjust it for inflation, the average sales value of the industry is $28 million in 2016 prices. Hence, the $250 million in sales value associated with cannabis cultivation is nearly nine times the size of all other Calaveras agriculture combined."

Read the economic impact report from UOP


Regulation and Enforcement

What are the facts?

No Regulation = No Funding for Law Enforcement!


The sheriff has publicly stated that without regulation there will be no funds to enforce a ban.

The Sheriff's Dept is understaffed
The Sheriff's Department in Calaveras County is less than half the size it was 15 years ago:
“In 2002 we had 60 people. In 2008 we had 39 and now we have 24, including contracts,” Sheriff Rick DiBasilio said of his staff of sworn officers. “We’re short-staffed everywhere.”


A ban will mean that illegal growing will flourish.  Illegal growers know that there is no funding to enforce and that the Sheriff's department is understaffed.


Regulation will fund more law enforcement and public services for ALL county residents. A Ban will mean layoffs of new hires and a serious lack of officers for Calaveras County.


Sixteen years of data shows marijuana legalization does not increase crime:

The Bureau of Medical Cannabis for the State of California is setting up regulation for regulated cannabis:



Colorado Data:

Colorado tax revenue and cost of enforcement

Colorado's BEST Program





Cannabis and The environment

state guidelines

 Environmental Concerns are being addressed through regulation.  Without regulation there can be serious effects on the environment

 The WQCB (Water Quality Control Board) is regulating Commercial Cannabis. A regulated commercial cannabis farm must comply with all of the guidelines. 

WQCB Best Practices Management Guide

WQCB Guide to Legal Pest Control Practices

WQCB Best Practices for Farmers Guide

WQCB Road Construction and Maintenance Guide


Read the testimony from Tom Infusino to the Board of Supervisors about CEQA and a ban

 Law review article regarding the negative impacts prohibition has on environmental policy, land and resource use policies in the western United States


Prohibition Is Not The Answer


Medicinal Cannabis

How will a ban affect medicinal users?

Measure B will close all dispensaries in Calaveras County.  The most vulnerable members of our society will be affected by a ban.


Patient Testimonial: What Measure B Means To Me


Patients rights to grow their own medicine will be LESS than State law.  Only THREE plants can be grown and they must be in a SEPARATE structure - priced at approximately THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! Most patients cannot afford this!  No one will be allowed to grow their medicine out in the fresh air and sunshine if a ban is enacted.


Medicinal Cannabis Facts:

The medicinal qualities of cannabis have been historically referenced as far back as 2900 BC.

By the 1930s at least two American companies – Parke-Davis and Eli Lily – were selling standardized extracts of marijuana for use as an analgesic, an antispasmodic and sedative. Another manufacturer, Grimault & Company, marketed marijuana cigarettes as a remedy for asthma."

Janet Joy, PhD Alison Mack Marijuana as Medicine: Beyond the Controversy, 2001



Medical Cannabis reduces Opioid Related Deaths: 


Cannabis is a proven analgesic:


Cannabis has a favorable drug safety profile and has promise as a less toxic anti-cancer therapy


The DEA's own administrative law judge determined marijuana was a safe and effective medicine as far back as 1988.






More information

educate yourself and make an informed decision

This website compiles excerpts from peer-reviewed studies and government data regarding the drug war generally but it contains lots of information reading cannabis prohibition and the medicinal properties of the plant:


The Gateway Theory

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Medicines



The national academies of Science Engineering and Medicine have published a meta analysis of 10,000 studies and have concluded beyond any doubt that cannabis has medicinal value. Click here:


Historical Timeline of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Policy Project



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