A: Unlike a weight tax, if I lose my crop I still have to pay! No one likes canopy taxes. They are poorly suited to the task of fairly taxing farmers, as they do not account for fluctuations in yield or crop loss. However, none of the better alternatives (such as a per pound tax) are available to the county without support of State-level track and trace systems, as the county does not have the resources to launch one of these programs itself. For this reason, the canopy tax was chosen as intermediary stage of taxation, until the state's track and trace system is up and running. In short- it isn't great, but it’s the best option we have for the next 1-2 seasons.

Q: These taxes seem high. Why should I vote for this?

A: While the tax may seem high to some, when compared to the taxes levied on other producers of wholesale goods (such as farmers of other crops), the truth is that the proposed tax rate is very reasonable (the second best proposed tax rate for cannabis in the state). This math will be explored in depth at our meetings.

Q: Why is this tax a general tax?- I don’t trust the supervisors to spend it right!

A: While many would prefer a special taxed, in which tax revenue is earmarked for specific budgets or projects, unfortunately special 



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