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Starting this November, a series of votes will be taking place in Calaveras County that have the potential to Ban Cannabis cultivation.

Considering the fact that there are over 900 registered farms in the county, representing over 3000 jobs, making sure these votes go the right way should not be an issue. However, Cannabis Farmers have notoriously low representation at the polls, in most places getting less than 5% turnout for voting. 

Although Calaveras Farmers have been extremely successful in making our voices heard on the government level, leading to the creation of good cannabis policy in Calaveras, the opposition has now taken the battle to the voters in the hopes that our traditionally abysmal voter turnout will give them an easy win at the polls, shutting down cultivation for good. Failure to prove them wrong will lead to an end of our way of life here. To address this, CCA will be holding regular educational meetings to explain the local initiatives and races, and to register folks to vote. We'll also be getting people organized to help bring in others from the community to do the same.

To be clear, this situation has happened before in other counties, and the data does not look good. It is notoriously difficult to get growers out to vote, and most organizations that try usually fail.

We know that this is coming at the worst possible time- the entire growing community will soon be neck-deep in harvesting work. However, the simple truth is that if we cannot rally our community to the polls in November, we will be in serious trouble. We are asking everyone in the community to take 1 evening out of their work to come to a CCA educational meeting and registering to vote, and another few hours here and there spent helping us rally others to do the same. If we are going to survive, we MUST break the historical pattern of poor voter turnout in our community. For those of you reading this that are thinking that this picture is big enough to where your vote doesn't matter, or that things will turn out fine without you- it isn't, and it won't. Individual apathy over the next 2 months spells collective failure.

Please see below for a schedule of meetings and a brief description of upcoming voter's issues. 

Meeting Schedule:

Thursday October 13th at the San Andreas Town Hall

Friday 1October 21st at the Mountain Ranch Community Club 4 pm to 7 pm.

Voter's Issues:

Four candidates

Measure C-Taxation ordinance, would tax outdoor growers $2.00 per square foot for outdoor and mixed light, $5.00 per square foot for indoor.

This tax would remain in place until the state’s track and trace program was up and running (sometime between 2018 and 2020), at which point the tax would switch to a per pound tax of $45.00 for outdoor and mixed light and $70.00 for indoor. Trim would be taxed at $10.00 for outdoor and mixed light, and $15.00 per lb for indoor.

The tax would be paid in two installments, one in June and the other in December just like property taxes.

This tax would NOT go into effect until 2017. The harvest of 2016 would not be taxed.

This is a GENERAL tax, which means the money from these taxes would go into the general fund, to be allocated as the County Supervisors saw fit, rather than being earmarked for certain departments or projects.

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